A Night in the Bilges

From the river the spot looked good for a night under the stars, but on arrival a thick sludge of weed and mud precluded a bivi ashore. Plenty of dry wood on the beach to heat up the dahl. A cold beer, a naan, then snug down in the bilges to spy for Perseids.

3 thoughts on “A Night in the Bilges

  1. Hello Pete – your new canoe is absolutely stunning! Pre-pandemic, I attended a fabulous demo of boat and canoe woodshop-makers downtown and saw all the meticulous work and time that goes into building a wooden canoe. I am pleased to follow your new passion, and look forward to reading and hearing so much more about your new adventures!


    • Thank you! Over here, home-built canoes are somewhat rare, but seem much more common in the States and Canada. I think that is part attitude, part opportunity (vastly more water to paddle on). Incidentally, I’m intrigued as to how your connection with my dormant pottery blog has fed through to my new one. It is an unexpected pleasure. I’m not expecting many followers – these days many blogs seem to be selling platforms rather than interesting and well-written narratives, which you achieve and I aspire to. I enjoy writing, and the blog format is an interesting medium to explore.

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      • You set your “Gravatar” up perfectly, Pete! If you click your name in posts, it links directly to the home page here! So don’t change anything – it’s working well! (If only other bloggers could be as intuitive as you are!) I’m thrilled to see you blogging again and encourage you to stay active in visiting mine. Your insightful commentary was sorely missed while you were on-break. Welcome back and looking forward to seeing more of your wood work and canoeing outings.

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